Southwestern style is set to be the hottest interiors trend of 2018

Southwestern interior design is renowned for its Native American and Spanish influences, evoking the varied rich history of the southern American states. 

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Marmont Hill Lone Cactus (Shadowbox) by Gilt
These interiors have a real sense of desert warmth and just a flavour of the wild rugged landscapes that make up the Arizona landscape. Modern Southwestern style has a pared-back palette favouring plain cream walls with splashes of the opulent traditional colours such as deep reds, ochres and turquoise. The Southwestern style is becoming increasingly popular as homeowners seek to embrace a subtly sophisticated style without pretentiousness. 

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To bring this look to your interiors you need to really think about the dry desert air and the smell of the warm earth after rain, warm but complex. Southwestern style interiors are warming but also relaxed, a layered look of the grownup bohemian. Rich textured fabrics and traditional Kilim fabrics add a sense of wanderlust, and bare wood is needed to bring nature back into the space.

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Plants are a must to add texture and life to a southwestern style room, dark green broadleaf plants add drama contrasting perfectly with the deep colours that epitomise this look. Cacti and succulents are low maintenance alternatives that really bring this style of room back to its desert origins. Though I must admit I'm guilty of killing both! I am not a natural houseplant person at all.

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Terracotta has been creeping back into interiors since 2016 and finally, it is back in the spotlight! Gone is the dank shagpile heavy look of the 1970's now its all about light bright earthy interiors, inspired by South American and Mediterranean villas. Bright white ceilings and rustic furniture is really the best way to pull this look together.

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Bring out the country ranch look to your interior design with sheepskin throws, cowhide rugs or for a more subtle look go for something like the Joss & Main Cameron Bedroom Bench below which creates a more refined look by pairing contemporary chrome legs with traditional cowhide seat covers.  More country star than country bumpkin - remember interiors are all about interpretation. 

Cameron Bedroom Bench
Bench From Joss & Main
The southwestern style is all about being rugged but cosy, you should walk into a southern home and feel welcomed. Try to bring out this sense of home by mismatching furniture and not keeping the space too ordered, the south-west decor is a look full of rich pattern, bold colours and earthiness but if this is a little bit too much for you don't worry. Elements of southwest decor, like a beautiful native rug or a flash of a turquoise photo frame on a bare wood counter, can look really stylish without being too ranch house gimmick. 

 Hints of orange can look truly wonderful paired with silvering untreated natural wood, take inspiration from this organic earthy bare wood crashing against the bright orange of the window frame. This shot is a great taste of the southwestern aesthetic as it evokes wonderful southern rach vibes. What do you think, will you be adding a touch of Southwest to your home anytime soon?

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  1. These are so cool! This style is really chill for a house and it makes the house relaxing


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