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Hello there! I'm Gracie

I'm an Interior Design nerd. Currently, I rent in London and spend far too much time obsessing over my dream house (or rather houses). I have a weakness for period properties, craft projects, and baking. Oh and cute fluffy things, mainly my mother's mini dachshunds and other beasties such as cats, chickens and rabbits.  I have always had a thing for design, I think it probably is a result of growing up in a higgledy-piggledy Edwardian House, my childhood shaped my love of wooden floors, high ceilings and original features. Playing with paint and watching my mum redo the entire house, coupled with ridiculously ridiculously too many hours creating perfect properties on The Sims all served to indoctrinate me with the interior design bug. 

I didn't live in a modern home until I went to The University of Winchester in idyllic Hampshire to study Event Management, a degree that taught me that when in doubt make a spreadsheet. I never lived in halls but a succession of private student rentals with dodgy carpeting, grimy magnolia and decades-old furniture. I spent my summers helping my parents renovate a 1930's semi that was the filthiest thing in the world when they bought it. Like a woman possessed I stripped every room to the plaster, sledgehammered a wall and removed the kitchen myself. I was happy as a lamb though it did result in every item of clothing I owned being perpetually covered in paint, plaster dust and holes. 

Can you paint over wallpaper

After graduating  I returned home to Liverpool and had the opportunity to play interior designer/decorator/Ann Morrice on a Victorian Property that had been vacant for two years, which I juggled alongside working at Selfridges in Manchester.  I then made the jump to London where I'm still dreaming my next big goal is my own property as until I achieve that I'm going to carry on pouring love into my landlord's property that I share with my friends. 

This blog will follow my journey obsessing over all things interiors, sharing the DIY tips and tricks I've learnt along the way and anything else that I fancy sharing. All These Interiors is an interior design blog following my life from city to smallholding. 

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All views are my own and as with everyone on the internet these days I do use Affiliate Links... Therefore some blog posts and web pages within this site contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you click the link then purchase a product or service from the third party website. Purchasing a product or service from a link does not increase your purchase price, but it is a great way to say ‘thanks’ if you enjoy my content and find my suggestions helpful.

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Interior Design blogging from a Country girl in the city. Trying to learn all I can about interior design, social media and making the best of this life.
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