Pink & Navy Room Inspiration

Navy blue and pink are a strong colour combination that works so well together, and I hope this post convinces you to be bold and use pink in your interiors! When styled in the right way pink can look seriously stylish without being overwhelmingly girly - being bold with these statement colours can create a really beautiful home. 

pink and navy blue livingroom with emerald velvet sofadark navy blue walls with a blush pink velvet tub chair

This livingroom by @northernletterboxsociety shows just how beautifully Pink and Navy interiors can look. The dark walls stand out against the lighter pink alcoves, using pink to draw the eye and create a sense of space when contrasted against rich deep blue is such a smart use of colour. Accessorising the room with sumptuous velvets creates a warm and welcoming look, while plant life adds a charming sense of vibrancy to the look. I'm utterly in love with the blush pink velvet tub chair, which evokes serious style credentials -Doesn't it just look so inviting? 

Pink wallpaper with navy bedding in a bedroom

If you’re keen to dive into the dark side and drown your walls in deep azure shades you need one be brave and to think it through very very carefully as not all rooms can take dark shades without being dreary first, you must consider how much natural light comes into the room and if there is enough space for the walls to draw away. If you’ve got high ceilings or tall windows, you can sink into the inky shades as deep as you like, but if space is small I would shy far away from dark colours if you're not 100% committed to the look.  So keep that in mind when you’re choosing how dark to go. 

pink flower wallpaper on a navy background navy blue wallpaper with branches with pink flowers  grey bedroom with navy bedding with pink flowers

You can choose paint, wallpaper or accessories, pink and blue is such a timeless combination it is very hard to get wrong. Deep blue walls and whimsical wallpaper can create a beautiful calm room or be bold and colourful filled with pattern. Hints of pretty tones of blush pink, fuchsia, and lilac would also work as an accent colour. 

You shouldn’t be afraid of the dark, these moody blues create a sense of luxe especially when combined with shiny accents. To add a beautiful golden touch with metallic accessories, they’ll catch the light and add a touch of light to the room which is so important with any dark interior. It’s important to add light to create a sense of balance in the room and stop it from looking gloomy. Instead of having a dark wall you should consider accessorising with Dark blue and dusky pinks with large areas of neutrals such as a rich warm grey or earth tone.

grey livingroom with blue and gold chair pink curtains

This deep blue accent chair against the light grey creates a cocooning, comforting feel in this living room, without it feeling too much. Pairing artwork with the accent shades also brings the room together creating a sense of tranquillity and flow to the space. 

Blue and pink interior design moodboard

Rich navy mixes beautifully with pale pinks and light grey accents to create a charming colour combination. Layer with sumptuous velvets accents and a sheepskin rug to give to an inviting tactile style. This colour palette does lend itself to a huggee sort of style, pair with midcentury furniture and Scandinavian accents to bring a touch of light to your dark spaces. This dusty pink adds a sense of femininity without being girly, it is a dramatic grown-up colour combination. and drama of navy walls. when used with a punchy navy, this romantic pink shade acts as the neutral - which creates an interior of pure class.

Blue and pink interior design moodboard

Where in your home would a deep, rich shade of navy blue look best? And which colours (for the furniture and d├ęcor) would you add? You can check out my Pinterest boards for more interior design inspiration.

Pintrest board cover pink and blue paint blotsnavy interior design pintrest board cover
blush colour inspiration pintrest board cover

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