Colour Crush - Ochre

Very much the colour of the moment this elegant shade of yellow is being teamed with everything and anything right now. Whether you prefer a punchy vibrant accent colour or more subtle earthy tone ochre is one of those rare colours that can truly be used in every room of the home.

Decorating with Ochre

There is more to this gorgeous shade than the immediate association with the 1970's and dark wood styles. Ochre has been used as a decorative pigment for as long as humans have been painting!  Originally it was made out of clay containing colourful minerals. This heritage shade is the perfect addition to any modern home but it does take a keen eye for design to stop it being dominating in your interior. 
The kid’s bedroom
Image Credit - B&Q

Ochre can vary in tone and hue from pale or dark, golden to an almost brown colour, this makes it incredibly versatile pairing with multiple shades easily from vibrant emeralds and rich maroon to pale greys and lilacs.  You can contrast it against a pale grey to add depth to the tone, creating a stylish aesthetic.

Ochre Earthiness

Using various shades of this gorgeous golden shade can create a really enticing earthy space, that is just so homely - bringing warmth and cosiness to any space ochre is the ideal shade for those who want a colourful home 

Ochre Yellow and Pale Pink Interior Design
Image Credit - Dulux 
Pair with natural materials such as Jute and bare untreated light wood or brushed metal finishes to create a really beautiful stylish interior style.

yellow chair in a naturally styled room
Image Credit - Collector 
Complimentary colour combo Ochres earthy twin Terracotta. This can create a simple, understated style and honest home that feels relaxed and comfortable rather than overly minimalist. A richly layered look that is perfect for creating an artisan-style home. Textures such as a woollen blanket and tactile woven fabric art would be the perfect addition to this interior scheme.

Modern Monochrome

White bedroom with ochre coloured bedding
Image Credit - Abode Living
Just as you might decorate a room in black and white use the same design sensibilities to decorate in ochre. Combining ochre with other colours is not as complex as it may feel, don't be intimidated by this gorgeous shade it can be softened by pairing it with pale greys or be dominated by dark colours to soften its punchiness. 

Ochre velvet chair in black and white room
 Image Credit - Cult Furniture

Just make it Jungle 

Tropical blinds with sofa with green and ochre cushions
Image Credit - English Blinds
If its a dramatic mood you're after then pair it with strong greens in a tropical print embrace the vibrancy but make sure to balance your interior with plenty of white and plant life to add some life into the space. Jungle inspired interiors truly are timeless and this trend literally never goes out of style - in fact, one of the most-read posts on this blog is our Jungle Fever Post   

Jungle print wallpaper, emerald green booth and ochre chair
Image Credit - Essential Home
Forget being boring - be brave by layering up different colours, textures and prints to create a fun and inspiring look. Don’t be afraid to mix Ochre accents with different shades of emerald greens and in your face prints.

Crown Jewels

Take inspiration from the most beautiful jewellery with rich gem colours like Ruby, Malachite or Lapis Lazuli

Navy room with statement ochre colour chair
Image Credit - Audenza
While Ochre is a powerful colour in its own right, it coordinates well with many other hues and these rich jewel shades complement it beautifully. This look works best in rooms with plenty of natural light and playful furniture so that the statement is fun - not overwhelming. I would shy away from using wallpapers in these colours and opt to keep prints and patterns to a minimum to keep the look cohesive.
Ochre Yellow chair in deep green room
Image Credit - Audenza

Pared Back and Pale

natural room with ochre velvet bed
Ochre Yellow blind in a neutral shade room with a leaf pattern wallpaper
Image Credit - Audenza
Soft Pinks, pale Blues and Lilacs really go well with Ochre. Break up a neutral scheme ochre-toned accessories to create a room with soul. This dramatic bed and blind combo bring so much character and warmth to this enticing natural scheme it really demonstrates the power of this punchy shade.

Utterly Unexpected 

Ochre yellow will pair well with just about any colour scheme, there are a few colours that make the perfect bold statement so embrace this sunny shade as the perfect highlight to lift an interior by peppering accessories for unexpected colour. Lift a small alcove to a statement feature or explode a neutral interior with one large pop of unexpected colour. 

Ochre flash painted in a white room
Image Credit - Cuckooland

Do not be afraid of the colour clashing this shade is meant to make a statement so really it works in most interiors. 
Bright Yellow ochre sofa with pale pink chairs in white room
Image Credit - Ligne Roset
Pintrest graphic decorating with ochre

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  1. I find ochre as one good complementary color. Whatever the design will be, ochre-colored items always fit in.

  2. Love the pairings with grey and jungle here, thanks for sharing!

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