The Wonder of Wreaths

How to Achieve Christmas Curb Appeal

wreath on the front door

Make a festive entrance with beautiful Christmas wreaths and garlands, perfect for hanging above the fireplace, on walls, doors, in windows and adorning your Christmas table. You’ll be spoilt for choice with decorating styles so hopefully, this post will help inspire you and help you find the perfect style for you. As you can choose from classic wreaths decorated with pine cones and bright winter berries to brightly coloured modern illuminated wreaths. To capture that festive magic, make sure the first thing your guests see is a beautiful festive wreath on the front door.

traditional styles of wreaths

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel - a simple traditional wreath will be as impactful as an elaborate colourful wreath. Consider coordinating a ribbon to the front door colour so there is a little pop of interest in an otherwise minimalistic style.

Colourful wreaths

But if bold is more your style create a colourful entrance with a vibrant floral wreath, complete with sprouting branches, pine cones and vivid red berries or even Quality Stree inspired colours. Elaborately decorated with coloured lights, ribbons, pom poms, wires and baubles, this very extra wreath style is perfect for bringing an in your face statement finish to your home this festive season. You will be having so many guests you might as well go all out when buying a wreath - I’m a big believer in bigger is better.

dried orange wreaths

Dried Oranges and cinnamon sticks immediately evoke Christmas, so why not welcome visitors to your home with a gorgeous scented wreath hanging on your front door.


Feathers, as a country girl at heart I can’t help but be utterly in love with pheasant feather colours at Christmas if you want a real showstopping front door a sunbeam ring of pheasant feathers is certainly going to hit the spot. If you don’t want to go all out on a country-style you can add a couple of feathers to a more traditional wreath to help add shape and interest without being totally shoot inspired.

Whether you pick pom-pom, floral or traditional if you want a truly unique Christmas Wreath the best way to achieve your own personal style is for you to make your own bespoke Christmas wreath! Find everything you need to create a handmade wreath to brighten your front door or Christmas table.

xmas wreath front door decoration

A new one on me this year which I’m a little bit in love with is minimal metal wreaths. They are so modern and chic without being cold, these stunning gold wreaths definitely bring a new take to a festive front door decor. If you have a more modern exterior I’d really recommend trying a modern wreath this season as this simple yet contemporary style will complement and post 1920’s home. You can add some eucalyptus leaves to add an extra statement.

Front door with ice colored wreath

Or if you’re looking for something that is outlandish and impactful you could go for a Door Bow - a trend I rarely see outside of my native Liverpool where it is a yearly occurrence. These outstanding brightly coloured bows proudly line the streets making homes look like wrapped up presents. For the cost of a large length of organza fabric and a bit of fiddling, you can create a really cute Christmas welcome.

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