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Your home says a lot more about your than you realise, and I've found one of the most revealing rooms in a home is the bathroom because it is most literally behind closed doors. This safe sanctuary is where people let down their guard and prepare to face the day or unwind in a tub, but its also a window into your life with the toiletries you choose, a book left on the side and all manner of hints at who you are lie scattered around your bathroom.

bathroom shelves

As always the most important thing about a bathroom is its cleanliness, this should be the primary concern when putting together a bathroom look because they area will get wet and have to stand up to everything. I can't help but grimace when I see a silk occasional chair plonked in a hotel bathroom or the worst offender - carpet. It should not need to be said but I'll say it anyway, do not, DO NOT put carpet in a bathroom. Seriously its a recipe for mould. Even if you rightly so opt for more robust materials like Tile or Wood how  you clean needs to be taken into consideration before designing a space because if you favour deep cleaning chemicals you need to go for more man-made materials such as glass or enamel as stone or metals can be damaged by this and after an expensive renovation the last thing you want to do is destroy the finish being over zealous with the Cillit Bang.

sanctuary bathroom

Functionality is the second most important thing
Really consider the layout and if it needs rearranging as this will be the most time-consuming part of redecorating a bathroom. A proper layout is more than worth it though to maximise space and make the room more functional, I've seen far too many properties stick the loo bang smack opposite the bathroom door, as though the person is going to be unveiled any moment like a terrible prize in an 80's game show.  If you can't stretch to this make sure at the very least you have ample Storage to hide from view all your lotions, potions and general bathroom stuff from view, the more things you have out the more cluttered and unclean your bathroom looks by default.

Three bathroom styles I'm just loving at the moment are;

Girly & Gold
blush pink moodboard

Pinterest has revealed a 96 per cent global increase in ideas being saved as ‘gold accents’ in the past year so this is definitely a growing trend you want to incorporate into your home Goldor particularly well in bathrooms because of its natural lustre which helps create the illusion of a light clean space.  For the real wow factor you could go all out with this stunning statement bathtub, which looks like it stepped off the canvas of a Klimt. My favourite pairing for gold in a bathroom is a soft pink to create an effortlessly chic feminine sanctuary. I would always lean towards the softer shades of pink rather than the vibrant as paler shades are more relaxing, and brighter shades can look garish when paired with gold. 

Masculine & Monochrome

male living space

Always one for polar opposites, the next look I'm obsessed with is really masculine bathrooms, with dark coloured slate tiles and rich leather drawer pulls. I  love monochromatic bathrooms because they create a dark earthy feel which is just so cool, there is just something comforting about dark spaces. It’s true we've been playing it safe in our bathrooms for a long time, white walls and white tiles with maybe a splash of blue,  or if you’re feeling brave sandy coloured tiles and a beachy theme with added wooden seagulls for effect (gag!). You don't have to go all out with the dark colours achieve this stylish look, try adding a black radiator instead of the standard white or put up a dado rail and paint a lighter colour above with a dark colour below. Opt for natural stone tiles and dark grouting, one of the most common mistakes I see in dark bathroom schemes is people often stick to default white grouting, which not only ages a lot quicker but also clashes against dark tiles. 

Simply Natural

rustic bathroom

This Bathroom by Julianne Hough is the perfect example of a simple earthy space, light bright and brimming with charm. With natural textures of bare wood, rattan and linen this space feels organic and welcoming. For a natural design style, mix textures, and materials to create a harmonious relaxed room.  you can use stone, recycled wood, and plant life, these combined with a clean white backdrop will result in a serene room perfect for unwinding in a perfumed bathtub. If you’re looking for design ideas for your bathroom, why not use your favourite spa as inspiration, recreate their tranquil style. Use a neutral palette as making your bathroom muted will create a perfect background that you can accessorise with woven storage, calming candles and fluffy white towels. Never get cheap towels as it makes all the difference to step out into a warm comforting wrap as opposed to a scratchy dried out towel. 

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  1. My bathroom is definitely reflective of the masculine and bold style, despite the fact that I'm single and no one else uses my bathroom! LOL I just like that the darker colors hide any dirt better!

  2. Great article. Very informative with some good design tips.

  3. I love this post, and your blog in general! It is so beautiful and informative! You have yourself a new fan :)

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