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For our games room / Guest room I didn't have to look far for inspiration... As the house is rented were hoping to do everything as inexpensively as possible, so when my mum offered us a few leftover rolls of wallpaper and a few tins of paint I jumped at it! We're hoping to create a kind of tree house effect with chalky Sage Green paint (Deco Home) and some beautiful painterly wallpaper of watercolour trees in a beautiful soft green colour palette (Sanderson Waterperry). I want the room to feel peaceful and cosy, a far cry from the current peeling red walls and filthy white.

Sage Green really is a classic choice if you’re after a restful colour that’s subtle, and incredibly versatile. The subtle grey and green tones of sage green make it one of the best colours to use in your home decor, particularly if you want to create a tranquil environment because it so such a range of coordinating colours. It looks beautiful in any room from a classic country kitchen to a peaceful modern bedroom, this makes it the ideal choice for a multi-use guest room!


We want a result that creates a really soft, tactile look to the space. We want the room to feel relaxed and welcoming, but still be a multifunctional space. We're opting to have sofa bed rather than a double in this room so that the majority of the time it functions as a games room to dump the PlayStation and have a more informal room for friends to chill out in. 

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We're hoping that the room is large enough that the darker shade of Sage Green on the walls will be light enough not to overwhelm the scheme. We're hoping the light wood of the floor will help warm the space as sage green is such a good partner with natural light coloured wood. Natural wood tones beautifully with watercolour shades of green because it makes a scheme feel natural and airy. The natural texture of wood really does looks lovely against the nature-inspired hues in the Waterperry wallpaper by Sanderson so we're planning to put a pine and cream blanket box in this room as storage for all the video games.

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  1. Wow I'm totally loving this color palette

  2. This looks amazing! I love the Sage Green paint and what about that wallpaper?!? That looks fab! I'd love the see the before and after pictures here :-) Good luck with the transformation and enjoy the revamped space!


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