Zoflora - A Little Bottle a Big Hit

Thanks to cleaning gurus like Mrs Hinch Zoflora is sweeping the nation... quite literally! This small bottle of ultra-concentrated cleaning solutions is more popular than ever.

But what does Zaflora actually do?

Zoflora is a concentrated disinfectant, that needs watering down before you use it in a spray bottle or mop bucket - it can, however, be used at full strength down your plugholes and drains to clear up any nasty smells that may be lurking. It claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria and leave you with all-day freshness.

The makers of it claim that it is a multi-room, multi-use product that can be used throughout the home to combat the spread and reproduction of bacteria and viruses in the home. So you can use it used as part of your daily routine, you can relax knowing your family are protected - nothing sinister about that is there? Well while its safe for people (Unless its inhaled or ingested) it isn't so safe for the furrier members of the family - Zoflora contains a detergent called benzalkonium chloride which is particularly toxic in cats and as cats will usually lick their paws if they have walked on a damp clean floor I would steer clear of this product if you're an animal household - even though most of the boxes have animals on this product really is a bit of a risk for pet owners.

So Where can you use Zoflora?

They recommend adding a cap full Zoflora to warm water in the sink which you can then wipe all around the sink including taps and draining board. If you want to deep clean your cloths you can then leave your cloth and any other washing up equipment such as brushes or sponges in the solution to soak, leaving them bacteria-free and ready for use - this is best done overnight so that you come down to a wonderful fresh scent in your kitchen in the morning.

Floors are one of the most high traffic areas in your home and often becoming teeming with bacteria and dirt. To overcome this you can add 4 cap fulls of your favourite Zoflora disinfectant into a mop bucket of warm water, and use that to mop over hard floor surfaces to clean them add a lovely fragrance to your home.

If you want to create your own Spray Cleaner mix a Capful of Zaflora into a spray bottle filled with water  - Ideal for use on most surfaces, except some fabrics and polished wood. This spray is a powerful disinfectant so perfect for stinky jobs such as getting that grot that accumulates around the top of your kitchen bin or bathroom surfaces. In the bathroom, you can also fight the bacteria hotspots by putting a couple of capfuls the Toilet Brush holder and in the Toilet itself overnight.

My Top 6 Zaflora Fragrances

Okay so I know this should be a top-five but, I couldn't really decide, I've got to admit I am a convert to this stuff even if it does need to be used with caution - let's be real the majority of cleaning products by their very nature need to be used with caution.
Mountain Air Fragrance

One of their most popular fragrances ''Mountain Air' Zaflora smells of a mixture of citrus fruits and herbs - very medicinal but pleasant. If you want that lingering deep cleaned scent I'd recommend this product. There is one downside to this one though, it is marketed as specifically for targeting pet smells. There's even a cat on the box... literally nowhere on the official page of this specific product does it suggest that it could pose a risk if not allowed to fully dry before allowing near pets. 

Final Verdict - Kills 99.9% of bacteria AND Mrs Tiggles!

This smells of beautiful punchy florals, while pleasant and soothing it doesn't smell like real disinfectant. A tiny amount goes a long way as just a capful will fill the entire room with a bright floral fragrance of roses and sweetness with a slight undercurrent of woodiness which creates a charming woodland feel to the fragrance- not one for the more masculine spaces though. 

Final Verdict - Girly and Gorgeous

Linen Fresh

The most classic of all fragrances, Linen Fresh is an instant clean smell - this doesn't smell at all medical but more welcoming with strong amber notes and a hint of lavender to the fragrance. An instant favourite! This product is so versatile as you can literally use it all over the home and it won't smell out of place anywhere.  

Final Verdict - Never going out of Style 

Pink Grapefruit

This uplifting zesty fragrance is just lovely! I'm a real fan of citrus-scented cleaning products and this one is just so evocative of clean bright rooms it makes any space feel fresh and welcoming. This one is a limited edition so I would certainly recommend stocking up on this fragrance before it gets discontinued as its just so good!

Final Verdict - So Good, It's Going :( 

Lemon Zing

This scent has a zesty pleasant odour, just a little touch goes a long way to make a room smell fresh and vibrant, of lemons, grapefruit and ginger this natural enzyme cleaner is perfect for sterilizing hard floors and worksurfaces without making your room smell like a harsh chemical disinfectant. Nothing quite evokes clean more than the smell of fresh lemons, and its no surprise that this is easily one of the best Zoflora fragrances. I'm not alone in loving Zaflora Lemon Zing Sarah of SazLove.com had this said 'It completely lived up to my expectations and it delivers such a strong, fresh citrusy scent. I use this one in the kitchen mainly, with it being a fruit scent. It’s been a fab product for when I’m cleaning up in the kitchen after cooking a big meal such as a curry, to disinfect the worktops and helps get rid of the lingering food smell.'

Final Verdict - Zest is Best

Winter Spice - Limited Edition
Yep this is the one! If you want your whole home to smell like Christmas this Zoflora is absolutely the best way to do it. You can still get hold of this one on Amazon and its definitely a winter must-have - they usually release a couple of winter fragrances a year and this one has made a consistent appearance the last few years, though if you're a fan of this one its probably worth stocking up as we go towards the winter months. 

Final Verdict - Limited but Lovely

Final Findings on Zoflora Fragrances

While researching this post, I stumbled across the Zaflora Youtube channel and my gosh it's a bleeding goldmine - I doubt they intended it to be but the mental CGI of the fragrances looking like they induce bad acid trips and total lack of any diversity is really something - maybe the Zaflora world is only thin white women and a spaniel.... 

 If you truly want to fall down a youtube hole and really fuck up your recommended I would start with such classics as Kitty Litter And Tabs I mean IS YOUR HOME SUFFERING FROM STINKY LITTER TRAY ODOUR? 

Dear lord the birds...  but I must admit I had to pull myself out of the green screen trip that is the Zaflora YT channel when they dedicated a quarter of a video to a close up of a dogs arsehole - I wish I was kidding. I Can't Even. At least this goes to show you never know what is going to become a trend, the marketing team at Zaflora clearly relegated this humble little product to the pit and left it to the interns but Mrs Hinch did all their marketing for them I guess...

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