Spring Summer Interiors 2016

As SS16 comes to a close now is the perfect time to reassess your interior and revamp your look. The grim weather outside drives you inside, so if you're anything like me you'll then be driven to madness by the awkward furniture, scrapes from Christmas decorations and all together tiredness that time does to an interior. So if you're looking for a freshen up or a total renovation inspiration these are the key interior design trends of 2016 you should be aware of.

Every year the kings of colour Pantone release their predictions for colour trends. So far they have predicted some of the biggest hits and influences across fashion, graphics and interiors trends. This years colour picks where Rose Quartz and Serenity Whether two calm and light shades a huge step away from the dark punchy Marsala championed in 2015. Rose Quartz and Serenity are heralded as "antidote to modern day stresses, welcoming colours that psychologically fulfil our yearning for reassurance and security." The beautifully coordinating colours pair well with other mid-tones including purples, earthy greys and pink. Highlights of silver or hot brights can create a fun and engaging interior. A perfect colour option for a restful bedroom or a relaxing living space. 

The 70s interior design is back in a big way, it really does seem these trends cycle through with 50s Ercol designs being the flavour of the moment for the last few years and films such as American Hustle highlighting 70s designs it was only so long before we started to see the return of terracotta and shag pile back to our homes. Brown marble, wood panelling and mustard colour highlights are all right on trend this year. London design week 2015 was swimming with designs featuring this palette. To get this look right you have to commit, an awkward random accessory or plonked retro table won't do it, you need to immerse your interior with rich textures and pattern to tie this look together, clean lines paired with lots of layering. 

Continuing from 2015 and the backlash of Gatsby-themed styles the trend for marbling is still a key look for 2016. This striking, versatile and playful trend that is easy to add into any interior. Whether you stick to earthy neutrals, bold mineral shades or even brighter golds, there is a little bit for everyone for everyone within this elegant trend.  Showing this technique off to its best is Calico Wallpaper, who specialise in marbled interiors. 

Finally, as always an interior design contradiction while these trends are fabulous and great inspiration don't take these trends as gospel. If you're not a fan of a trend don't just use it because it's fashionable ( as objective, as I try to be the 70s trend, is seriously not my cup of tea and wood panelling is definitely not welcome in my home). Your home should reflect you, your style and your aspirations. Design should be about functionality, personal taste and style ( in that order). Sticking too closely to the year's trends will seriously date your interior over time. 


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