Creating Your Perfect Pallet

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Picking your colour pallet can be tough, sometimes the best-laid plans can come out looking awful. There will be times when you paint the walls and then two days later paint them again because the sight of the paint was making you sick. To try and avoid that as you choose colours, consider what you are trying to evoke. Are you looking for a natural earthy look, a clean scandi pallet or a bohemian paradise? You need to have first an idea of what you want to create and then consider colours. By selecting a narrow choice of key colours you can keep the theme succinctBuild your room around items that you are keeping if you have an heirloom piece that you're never going to part with then use it as a hero piece for your inspiration. 

It is always a good idea to draw a plan of your home. Gather swatches of fabrics, inspirational images and paint chips to build up your plan. Consider how one room will flow into the next, what mood you want, and how the items you are going to keep will affect the overall tone. Colour group like you would eyeshadow; One lead colour to create your based then a highlight and a darker shade. 

Don't fear using colour, all too often people are nervous about using colours especially dark colours. Be brave and follow your heart: If love a colour, test it, and find a place for it. Even if you inject it in your accessories if it will make you happy go for it! Try to remember injecting colour doesn't have to mean a lifetime commitment. As a child, my family home was a constant rotation of colours, with the front room being repainted every Christmas and usually again in the new year once we tired of it. What matters more than anything is honesty, if you decorate true to yourself and your tastes, you will create a home. Even if people think 'well I'd never do it' but they'll appreciate it. 


Once you have picked the perfect colour you can start thinking about what finish to use and get cracking. If you've never painted a wall before I'd recommend checking out my post on How to Paint a Wall for a simple to follow step by step guide. 



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