The Bed Buyers Guide - Four of the Favourites

The 4 styles of bed you should think about buying

You may think all beds are made equal but that couldn't be further from the truth, depending on your style preference and budget there is a whole world of options available to you. Below are the four main types of beds for sale in the UK market, and the pros and cons of each model. 

Bedsteads  are a frame with slates between to support the mattress. These slats come in two types; static slats (solid wood for a firm support) or sprung slats (softer support but more prone to breaking). They are more decorative and provide a more finished look to a room. The downside of this is that as a primary feature in the room they can cause a style clash if you decide to update your decor.

Divan Bases are the cheapest and often sturdiest option, over the years their use has significantly changed so 'Divan' is a term that can be used interchangeably. Traditionally a Divan was a type of couch that could be used as a bed, the modern usage is platform bed or box spring. Simply consisting of a solid base, a Divan typically takes up the most space and difficult to transport as cannot be flat packed. You can get Divan beds with storage drawers in the base.

Storage Beds as the name suggests have built in storage, usually with a lift up mattress or large drawers underneath. These can be great additions for those short on space or in studio flats where a wardrobe isn't an option. These can be impractical and heavy though so not ideal for everyday items. Care should be taken with build quality as once the drawers or springs go storage beds can be a nightmare to live with.

Multi Use Beds are ideal for those short on space. They can incorporate desks, storage space, wardrobes or even another bed; they are perfect for guest rooms, studio flats and students. While not the most aesthetically pleasing they are often the most practical solution for a tricky space.


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