Three Interior Styles to Beat the January Blues

Beautiful Blue Interior Design 

Blue is beautiful, fact. From the softest Duck Egg to the richest of Indigo there is a shade of blue for every interior.

Cool And Calming
Cool blues and crisp white is still a knock out look, despite the recent trend for increasingly darker interior shades. Dulux 'Denim Drift' is the perfect example of a soft usable shade, ideal for creating a refined interior. Best kept pared back with natural materials and uncluttered styling pale shades of blue are most suited to well used rooms such as Living-rooms.

Bold And Bright
In contrast a vibrant interior filled with rich patterns and texture can be a really fun way to inject a bit of blue into your life. Accessorize with Bold Blue Bedding to create a Moroccan inspired bedroom, with bright white walls vibrant accessories are a safe way of updating your style. This fun and fresh bedroom look really brings a smile to my face! 

Shadow Chic
Push the boundaries and immerse yourself in the shadowy world of moody blues. Deep colours such as navy, indigo and ink are a sure fire way to create a luxe look. With deep colours becoming increasingly fashionable inspiration is everywhere! My current favourite person for inspiring a dark interior is Kerry Lockwood who's glamorous home is a homage to moody styling. A dark interior needs to have balance, artwork and accessories must work together harmoniously to tie the look together. 


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