Interiors Trend - Popular Pineapples

 The influence of Rio has truly brought the tropical trend into our homes, SS17 is dominated by tropical influences of 'Greenery' and Pineapples! 

Pineapple is such a winning trend because it makes you feel happy, it's as simple as that really. You can't help but think of sunny skies and relaxing beaches when you see a pineapple can you? I mean has anyone ever been unhappy drinking out a pineapple? Soft pineapple yellow is a warming but restful colour, while greenery is a very springy vibrant colour and together they create a wonderful harmony.

Did you know that Pineapples traditionally symbolize Welcome? Which is why often you'll see them on door knockers or as motifs on gateposts. In European culture, they historically represented wealth, as it was so expensive to import them. Bold pineapple motifs can create a glamorous welcoming interior, with luxurious gold being a key look of SS17Pineapple Wallpaper is really on trend with repeating simple patterns being available from a number of brands. 

If you're looking for something a little subtler the pineapple trend can still be for you! Simple accessories such as a Pineapple Lamp or Bookends can be a playful way to add a little hint of tropical loveliness into your home.


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