Three October Favorites

Flavoured Tea

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
C.S. Lewis

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After getting a free sample pack I'm obsessed with the new flavours from Twinings. Renowned for creating vibrant and aromatic blends that are loved by all Twinings are the undisputed kings of Tea, and their new Cherry Bakewell Green Tea from the ‘Indulgent Green’ range the is just divine. It is disconcertingly accurate to the flavour of Cherry Bakewell’s, one of my personal favourite cakes, and at only 4 calories a cup it is the perfect guilt free treat. The almondy cherry taste is a beautiful blend of smooth vanilla and fruity sweetness to make a really rich green tea. Now, as the autumn weather is starting to hit this tea is a welcome cure for cold hands. 
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What’s even better is this Twinings and Monin have teamed up to create a selection of delicious recipes, these tasty iced drinks are the perfect way to keep cool this summer.You can even get this adorable little gift set which comes in the very glamorous large off-white Twinings gift crate with a vibrant orange ribbon, the perfect gift for tea lovers. 
  Twinings Cherry Bakewell Green Tea Lovers Gifts

Interior Design Podcasts

I used to read a lot more but since university, I've found it increasingly difficult to fit reading into my day to day routine. I've found podcasts a great replacement for this because there are a million and one podcasts available for free on every topic imaginable. I binge listened to 'At Home With...' by bloggers Anna Newton & Lily Pebbles, as bizzare as a concept their house tour podcasts are brilliant, interviewing influencers such as Zoella to industry experts such as Liz Earle. This pod is a must listen if you're interested in interior design or if you're just interested in hearing the perspective of really interesting people telling their stories on their home turf. 

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Podcasts are also a great way to personally develop, whether you're listening to language pods, couch to 5ks or listening to business experts it's an easy way to fit education into your day to day routine. I've been particularly enjoying listening to 'A Well Designed Business' its a pod about running an Interior Design business, which covers a huge range of topics everything from marketing to relationship building. I love the simple actionable advice and the range of guest speakers that they invite to speak.  Even if you don't have an interiors business I really would recommend checking this one out! 


After a recent trip to the V&A I've been feeling really inspired by ceramics, the V&A has a world-renowned collection of ceramics and the sprawling display rooms are so worth exploring. 

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Image Source Garden Trading

You can add ceramics to your home easily through simple decorations such as candles or by more useful things such a dinnerware and vases. You can buy mass produced or even check out the growing British craft scene for some reasonably priced pieces that are sure to turn you into a lifelong collector. Etsy is the perfect place to pick up something unique to add to your home.


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