5 Favourite Halloween Decor Trends 2021

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Halloween but add a little bit of spice!

Halloween does not need to be safe or boring, this is the time to really embrace the bold interiors. 
I promise you that it is possible to have a haunting vibe without being tacky. You do not need to have dreadful plastic skeletons, synthetic cobwebs or plastic spiders littering your home.  

SKULL ART  SCULPTURE / WALL ART  - Deliciously Rich Interiors @BRAVE BOUTIQUE, £2500, by BRAVE BOUTIQUE, www.braveboutique.co.uk
Halloween Side Table Decoration, by Lights4fun, www.lights4fun.co.uk

Autumnal Adult 

As those misty autumn nights draw in and a chill starts to take hold bringing a touch of autumn colours inside will make your home feel like a warm welcoming place to settle into. Chunky knitted fabrics and warm woollen blankets are the order of the day when designing an interior to feel like an autumnal paradise, golden accents that mimic the wonderful golden light you only get at this time of year and of course, your colour palette is so important to create this look. Rich ochre, dark umbers, and enticing sage greens are all perfect additions to styling an autumnal interior that is grown up and luxurious. 

Using leaves sparingly, in print as art on the walls or in the print on your blankets will help tie the look together bringing the outside in. This is a season where you begin to spend far more time indoors so make sure you keep as many natural elements as possible to create a comforting place to relax.
collage of red, orange and leafy halloween fall decor
Antique White Pumpkin Table Decoration, £19.99, by Lights4fun, www.lights4fun.co.uk
Jellycat Woodland Maple Leaf, £14, by Whippersnappers Retail Ltd, www.whippersnappersonline.com
THE FLOWER BED SOCKS £60 WWW.VELVETLINEN.CO.UK  , £60, by VELVET LINEN, https://www.velvetlinen.co.uk
Autumn Moodboard  - Earthy Neutrals -  AW21 -  Main -  Portrait, by Furniture And Choice, www.furniturechoice.co.uk
Mottled Brass Pumpkin Decorations, £34.99, by Lights4fun, www.lights4fun.co.uk
Autumn Oak Wreath , £44.99, by Dobbies, www.dobbies.com
Sweater Weather Stoneware Mug, £16.99, by The Interior Loft, www.theinteriorloft.com

Pulled back and Perfect 

Halloween interior decorations do not have to be big bold and plastic, you can really simplify your decor without taking out the fun of the season. Ceramic or glass pumpkins add a touch of grown-up sophistication to a pared-back minimal Halloween table display, while little pops of orange in the furnishings and accessories like candles can pull together an autumn look that feels a bit more mature. 

 While appearing all innocent greenery is ideal for setting the mood of pretty Halloween decor. Imagine a beautiful castle tangled with vines or a dramatic venus flytrap to set the mood. White pumpkins contrast beautifully with eucalyptus leaves to make a wonderful wreath for your front door, welcome in the season without filling your house with ghosts and ghouls. Warm velvet fabrics help create a cosy feel without the need for chunky knits and heavy wools, this look has a light airy almost Scandinavian feel to it. 
minimal halloween decor white, soft leaves and metallic accents with orange velvet
Sevilliana Sofa | Orange, $8700, by KOKET, bykoket.com 
Autumnal Baking White Ceramic Pumpkin Lifestyle, £16.99, by Lights4fun, www.lights4fun.co.uk
Autumn Place Setting Antique White Mini Pumpkins, £32.99, by Lights4fun, www.lights4fun.co.uk
Autumn Pumpkin Wreath and Garland, by Lights4fun, www.lights4fun.co.uk
Angula Pouffle, £82.99, by Wayfair, Wayfair.co.uk
Paddywax Twisty Taper Candles - Golden, £10, by Paddywax, www.paddywax.com

Gothic Yet Gorgeous 

If you can't embrace the gothic during spooky season when can you? Rich blacks, dark inky blues and inviting greys make the perfect backdrop to bold metallic accessories and playful decorative elements. I love contrasting patterns with plains or stripes with statement accessories. Pick a limited cool colour palette with pops of vibrant colour to really make an October interior stand out.  

Take inspiration from Victoriana curiosity shops, this look is maximalist and bold so don't be afraid to make it sumptuous and slightly macabre - ravens, insects and skulls are the ideal icons for this look. 

To bring this gothic style bang up to date to create a 2021 Halloween look consider adding in pops of neons to modernise this classic style. 

black, bold halloween decor collage images of interiors and quirky halloween styled items

Get the look by spraypainting your pumpkins black, gold and white - this easy diy is perfect for dressing your mantle or doorstep. 

Halloween 2016 3, £199, by Danetti, www.danetti.com
Gold Beetle Wall D├ęcor (large H36cm), £74, by AUDENZA, www.audenza.com
Grandma Harvest Gold Velvet Tassel Stool, £125, by Beaumonde, www.beaumonde.co.uk
Pumpkin Pouffe, £350, by Sweetpea & Willow, www.sweetpeaandwillow.com
Daphne Waiting Raven Indoor/Outdoor Lamp, £135, by Dowsing and Reynolds, www.dowsingandreynolds.com
Nightshade, £795, by WEBB & GRAY, webbandgray.com
Trick or Treat Neon Wall Light, £45.99, by Lights4fun, www.lights4fun.co.uk
Milana Gold Wallpaper, £129, by Olenka Design, www.olenkadesign.co.uk

White and Witchy

Autumn can be a bit difficult to embrace if you're a fan of things being a little more minimal but with a bit of creative flair and a limited colour pallet, you can definitely decorate for Halloween without all the bright orange. 

Cool white accessories with hints of black and metallics can create a grown-up and dramatic Halloween theme in your home. Look for ceramic skeleton objects to place about your home, they last far longer than the cheap plastic equivalents and look far more stylish. Mixing with contrasting materials such as felt pumpkins or black metal accessories should really tie this look together. 

white minimal halloween decor collage
Skeleton Hand Jewellery Tidy, £30, by Red Candy, www.redcandy.co.uk
H3-017 Glass pumpkin lamp , £387, by Besselink & Jones, http://www.besselink.com/
Autumnal Pumpkin Tablescape, by Lights4fun, www.lights4fun.co.uk
Halloween Decoration White & Gold Sideboard Lifestyle, £29.99, by Lights4fun, www.lights4fun.co.uk
Skull Pen Pot, £7.5, by Red Candy, www.redcandy.co.uk
Halloween Art Print, £18, by Red Candy, www.redcandy.co.uk
Pumpkins, £8, by Hudson Home, www.hudsonhome.co.uk
Giant Vintage Style Hanging Skeleton Decorations, by Quince & Cook, www.quinceandcook.co.uk

Stars & Skulls

Give your Halloween home decor a biological vibe. You can mix velvets, dark colours and choice bits of taxidermy to give your home a sinister opium den feel. With spooky skills and gorgeous star highlights to create an air of grandeur about the place. 

Be bold with black paint, a black wall offset with bone is a real statement and can make your home look totally over the top amazing. After Halloween is over black walls can easily be transformed and styled into a none festive look. 

Black skulls and stars collage

SKULL ART SCULPTURE / WALL ART - Boudoir-meets-boho-glamour @BRAVE BOUTIQUE, by BRAVE BOUTIQUE, www.braveboutique.co.uk
Side Table Halloween Decoration, by Lights4fun, www.lights4fun.co.uk
Black Grandfather Olaf Figurine , £72, by Mineheart, www.mineheart.com
SKULL ART  SCULPTURE / WALL ART  - Deliciously Rich Interiors @BRAVE BOUTIQUE, £2500, by BRAVE BOUTIQUE, www.braveboutique.co.uk
INSECT MANDALA: Tea Cup and Saucer, £28, by The Curious Department, www.thecuriousdepartment.com

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