Monthly Musts - January Home Checklist

The 6 jobs you should be doing this January around the house 

After the Christmas decorations have been put away and the tree has been put outside does anyone else get the urge to do a spring clean? The darker days are still here, the weather is horrible so you don't want to go out and that weird time between Christmas and New Year spent inside makes me crave a big sort out. Plus you can burn nearly 120 calories in half an hour hoovering, and nearly 100 calories in half an hour just sorting your wardrobe out. So if your new years resolution is to shed those christmas pounds, January is the ideal time to get spring cleaning your home!

Sort out your wardrobe

I find one of the places I always end up in a total mess this time of year is inside the doors of my wardrobe - behind those doors is a chaotic stressful mess of jumpers shoved in the bottom when they're too bulky to fit folded up, random dresses haphazardly hanging of the hangers and generally just random stuff like boxes shoved in there when I've had no where else to put it. 

Take the time this January to pull everything out of your wardrobe onto your bed and neatly fold and pack it away. Try things on, charity shop or recycle the things that no longer serve you and your current trends - if you've gain or lost weight over covid don't cling to clothes that fit your old body. Take this as a chance to pass them on to someone who will love and appreciate them.

Deep Clean the Kitchen 

Clean the oven and the splashbacks - if you've cooked Christmas dinner you need to clean up, I know my oven and splashback looked like an absolute warzone after Christmas dinner, in the new year spend some time giving them a full MOT. 

Clean the inside and outside of two of the most overworked kitchen appliances – the dishwasher and washing machine. After the Christmas rush, your dishwasher will definitely need to be cleaned out.  This will give them a new lease of life, make them more hygienic and smell so much better.

Purge your pantry - Clean your pantry. Toss foods that you know you will never eat; those dusty lentils that have long since expired and spices that have long since lost their flavour just need to go. Did you really think you were going to use that bag of mixed something you got at a farmers market 5 years ago? 

Unblock the drains 

All the grease from pots and pans will be clogging your kitchen sink, plus multiple guests will be putting extra strain on your showers and bathtub pipes. Take action before they get blocked and unblock them now 

Drain unblockers are super cheap and easy to use but can make a massive difference to your pipes - save yourself a future plumbers fee by cleaning out your pipes this January. You can buy this magic powder for less than £2 at The Range.

Sort the drawers

Just like the clutter elsewhere in the home, that junk drawer in the kitchen just needs to go. If you have drawers full of unnecessary little bits and bobs, post and spare batteries, or cupboards full of unused utensils, then take this opportunity to get rid of them. You'll feel better for it!

It is apparently common for ADHD people to leave boxes and bags, full of miscellaneous items, all over the place but I tend to find I contain the chaos to doom drawers - I make a point of totally emptying and reorganising my drawers every few months otherwise they become utterly unmanageable. 

Clean your bookshelves

A  well curated bookcase can dress a room perfectly, a disorganised one filled to the rafters with books you never intend to read again can pull focus and make a room you've worked hard to keep looking presentable look like a dumping ground. Send those books off to a charity shop to be read by someone who might love them and use the extra space to make your bookshelves the perfect space to show off your interests and treasures beautifully. 

Consider adding strip lights to your bookshelves to really highlight your collections and make a feature out of them. If you really want to go all out, why not get colour adjustable strip lights, while they are more expensive to be able to change to mood of the room completely at the touch of a button certainly is cool. You can get these for less than £100 from Lights4Fun.co.uk

Tidy the garden

While the weather isn't the best you probably won't feel like doing a whole lot in the garden, but don't worry there is plenty you can do that doesn't involve spending hour outdoors. Clear the boarders of dead leaves, plan out your planting for the year ahead, and spend sometime sorting through your seed packets indoors so you can throw out any past their best. 

If you're craving sometime outside check out THIS POST by B&Q which gives a pretty comprehensive list of all the jobs you can be getting on with in your garden this January. 


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